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Agra is a city in India that features events showcasing the region’s arts, crafts, culture and cuisine. The varied festivals & events in Agra are well distributed throughout the year making the city ever so happening. Tourists simply go spellbound when they discover the way these festivals and fairs are carried out. It is fact that these events are something that westerners have hardly come across.

Religion plays a very vital part in a country like India, very apparent from the celebrations here. And, the city of Agra for that matter is no exception. Agra along with some of the other cities, hosts festivals and fairs that puts forward Indian culture on the forefront.

The major festivals & events in Agra are Taj Mahotsav, Agra, Batkeshwar fair, Agra, Kailash Fair, Agra, Urs (Fatehpur Sikri), Agra and all that.


Taj Mahotsav: Come February, and its springtime. The time of the year when nature dawns all its colorful splendor and Agra bursts into colorful celebrations. For 10 days there is sheer celebration of U.P.’s rich heritage of arts, crafts, culture, cuisine, dance and music. Yes, it is Taj Mahotsav time again. There are festivities all around and Agra truly puts on the colors of joy and gets transformed into one non-stop carnival. Organized by U.P. Tourism and held as an annual event at Shilpgram, literally next door to the Taj Mahal, the Taj Mahotsav is indeed a fitting tribute to the legendary skills of master craftsmen and other exponents of art, music and cuisine. Not only this, it is also a gentle peep into the rich heritage and extraordinary legacies of this wonderful land. The festivities commence with a spectacular procession inspired by Mughal splendor. Bedecked elephants and camels, drum beaters, folk artistes and master craftsmen… all help recreate a visual delight reminiscent of the golden era of the Mughal Darbars.

When: 18-27 FEBRUARY


Kailash Fair: It is celebrated in the name of Lord Shiva as it is believed that Lord Shiva emerged here by means of a stone lingam. It is a religious fair that is held in the month of February on the occasion of Shivratri. Festivals & events in Agra truly stages the true Indian colors.