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About Street Food


When it comes to formal dining, restaurants serve you well but when it is about having some leisure moments, spending some fun-time roaming about and knowing the local city, you can have a fundoo tummy time by going munch-munch on the local food stuff available in streets, the street food.


A local Agra streetfood vendor


The snack suited best for breakfast usually is Bedai and Jalebi at Netram Halwai at Pratap Pura crossing.
For Lunch, you can reach to Rambabu ‘Paranthe wala’ in Belan Ganj near Sikandra.
When it’s Dinnertime you can gorge on ‘Bhagat Halwai’s’ chat and ‘Pav Bhaji’ on MG road. You will go crazy as the rich aroma of the tangy stuff spreads all over!


Here, ‘Chaat’, a part of street food provides a range of snacks, be it ‘aaloo-tikki’/’bhalla’ or ‘dahi papdi’ or even ‘gol-gappas’ all are offered everywhere in Agra, especially in Sadar Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar, Raja Mandi Bazaar and Belangunj areas. Here, almost every Chaat shop stays crowded, giving a good idea of its immense popularity. After you have plentiful of spicy chaat you can have Lassi or Buttermilk from the shop alongside to calm down the hot and chilli sensation in your mouth. You can also try ‘Paneer Tikka’ (chunks of Indian cottage cheese marinated and tandoor-baked to perfection). Other all-time favorite snacks offered here are ‘samosas’ and ‘kachoris’.


Sweets in Agra  

Agra ka Petha

Agra is the ultimate destination for all those having sweet tooth as it’s famous for its ‘Petha’, a translucent sweet made of white pumpkin. Another popular variety is offered exclusively here, known as ‘Angoori Petha’ which is slightly yellow in color served decorated with strands of ‘kesar’ (saffron). Both are delicious enough to land you onto the dentist’s clinic!


You will find the typical ‘Agre ka Petha’ in outlets in Double Phatak near Sikandra.


Apart from Pethha, you can enjoy ‘jalebi’s’ served with ‘Rabri’. This local dessert is enough tasty for anyone to develop sweet tooth, if he does not have one!