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For Foodies, exploring Delhi is like Bollywood movie fans watching an ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ movie for nothing can ever match up to the standards this place has achieved. Apart from the tangy, mouth-watering street foods of Old Delhi you can try Dilli Haat and Karim’s hot savories to experience the real ‘good food’ you won’t be able to forgot atleast this lifetime!


Dilli Haat     

Delhi's Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is the only place in Delhi that presents authentic cuisines from all over India under one roof. You will find everything here from Kashmiri Wazwan to Maharashtrian Pav Bhaji, to Idiyappam from Kerela, you can enjoy a great deal of unique tastes at very ordinary price. There are 17 state food stalls managed by tourism authorities, they stay crowded all the time. While enjoying the great tastes, you need not worry about your pockets at all!



Dilli Haat Stalls


Odisha Food: It’s a place for those who love sea-food. You can go for their special prawn masala and crab sizzlers, served with rice. For vegetarians, there is Katak Chaat, made of special Katak spices, curd and various chutneys.

Stall No: 13

Tel: 011-24109086


Uttrakhand Stall: to have best of Uttarakhand food, you can order the entire Uttrakhand thali, which consists Kafli — a dish prepared with palak and rai and chaunsa, pahari urad dal, nicely chopped and cooked with lot of onions. This huge platter also includes mandura roti, rice and raita. The thali also serves Jhangari kheer as dessert. Non-vegetarians can go for meat bhat, a spicy mutton dish in thick gravy, served with rice.

Stall No: 1

Tel: 9899196015


Hyderabad Stall: Special Handi Biryani is what you must try at this stall. You ca oprder a platter also that is sufficient for three people. Another must-try dish out here is Chicken Changezi. After you are done with the awesome food, you can have Double ka Meetha for sweet dish. This dessert is made of bread, milk and dry fruits.

Stall No: 16


Mahak: Here, you can try the authentic Litti Choka from Bihar. Made of gram flour, whole wheat garlic, ginger, mustard and onion, a plate is worth the try. You can also try their deluxe thali that includes rice, rotis, dal, mix veg, salad, pickle and kheer.

Stall No: 8


Dilli Haat's Kashmir Stall


Kashmir Stall: Here you can order a mini wazwan thali that has four authentic Kashmiri delights: Gushtaba (mutton cooked in curd), Rista (meat balls made in red chilli gravy) and Rogan Josh (red lamb) and mutton kababs. For vegetarians, there is Hak Saag and Jammu Rajma. During winters, they serve Kahwa, a Kashmiri herbal drink or tea made with saffron and dry fruits.

Stall No: 3





Maharashtrian Stall: Here you can enjoy quick snacks like Marathi Pav Bhaji, Vada Pao, Bhel Puri, Sev Puri and Masala Bhel which is made with a number of chutneys with lots of spices or masalas. You should also try their Sabutdana khichri and Gur ki roti.

Stall No: 20


Nagaland Stall: This is the ultimate place for enjoying various kinds of chutneys one of them being Akhuni chutney, which is made of fermented soya beans and garlic. Another chutney, a hot favorite among the regular visitors here is, Raja Mircha chutney. You can try these chutneys with fried prawns, fish or pork.

Stall No: 19

Tel: 011-24679835


Dilli Haat


Manipur Stall: To try out Maniuri food, you can start with Eromba, a spicy chilly bamboo shoots chutney with fish. Also try their Ooti, mutter dal cooked in soda bicarbonate and can be paired well with veg or prawn pakora. For main course, you can go for Tarai Thong, which is snail curry and is very famous with the people from Manipur, who come here to have their favorite food.

Stall No: 12


West Bengal Stall: For starters, order a prawn cutlet with a masala coke. For the main course, there is a special Bengali thali that serves plain rice, dal, bhaji, fish steamed in banana leaf, mutton curry and two chutneys, mango and dates. After this wholesome meal, you can choose between a Roshogulla or a Sondesh for your dessert.

Stall No: 17


Darbar-E-Awadh Stall: Kebab is what this stall specializes in. The various types available here are Galauti, Shami, Tangri and Boti. Another thing you shall not miss here is Dum Biryani which is made with authentic Lucknowi masala and a plate that will serve two people. You can end your delicious meal with Phirni or Kheer, which is made of milk, rice and dry fruits.

Stall No: 7

Tel: 011-24102022


Rajasthan Stall: This is the stall which gives you typical Rajasthani flavors, to start with you can have Onion Kachori and/or Khoya Kachori, you will find them extremely tasty. After this, you can order a Rajasthani thali, which includes Bajre ki Roti, five types of vegetarian dishes, Dal, Kadhi, Besan, Gatta Curry, Rice and Garlic Chutney. For sweet dish, go for Matka Pista Kulfi served in cute little earthen cups.

Stall No: 9

Tel: 011- 24109427


Meghalaya Stall: The popular-selling dish here is Doh Syiar Khleh, a chicken salad, prepared with boneless chicken pieces, egg, ginger, green chillies, salt, pepper and is garnished with vegetables. For pork lovers, there is Wak Bijak, boiled pork with bamboo shoot and Dohshianey Salieh, fried pork served with red chilli and mint sauce.

Stall No: 5

Tel: 9971642031


Momo Mia's MomosMomo Mia: As the name itself tells you clearly, this stall from Arunachal Pradesh specializes in Momos, today’s hot favorite snack not only among young people or teenagers now but also among all age-groups. This is an ultimate destination for spicy-food lovers. A plate of Momo is served with hot and very spicy Momos sauce and a bowl of clear soup. You will go crazy having this awesome snack. To quench the thirst and chilli sensations in your mouth you can chilled Fruit Beer that will be cool enough to give relief to your burning mouth. Another must try snack is thukpa, a Tibetan dish that contains soup with noodles and vegetables. You can also go for the Chicken Thupka which is equally tasty.

Tel: 9999912593



Tamil Nadu Stall: Here you can enjoy having idlis, dosas and vada. Besides the typical south-Indian food you can also have Aloo Bonda, which is known to be hot favorite. You shall not miss their coconut-flavored Samosa. To have complete meal, you can try their Veg. Thali, that has Sambar, Dosa with Poori and Bhaji in it.

Stall No: 15


Assam Stall: Here you can order a fish thali, loaded with fish curry, dal and rice. Their Pitha, typical Assamese dessert is too good to have. But the most unique thing served here is Luci Bhaji, puri and potato curry in Assamese style. The stall also serves Chinese specials like Chowmein, Fried Rice, Manchurian, Chilly Chicken and Veggie specials. Their iced tea is definitely refreshing!

Stall No: 23


Ananda: This stall serves Kerala’s authentic food like Aapam, a steamed dosa roti, Idiyappam, made of rice flour; it looks like noodles turned into an Idli. It is generally served as the main course in breakfast or dinner, together with a curry (potato, egg, fish or meat curry) and coconut chutney.

Stall No: 14


Dilli Haat's Lakshadweep FoodLakshadweep Stall: Here, for starters you can have fish tikkas served with mint chutney. Earlier the fish to be cooked used to be imprted straight from Lakshdweep but now its available in a nearby INA market. For your main course, you can opt for the fish thali, which consists fish curry, fish tikka, rice, papad and salad. You can club your treat with a chilled Nariyal Pani (Coconut Water).

Stall No: 2

Tel: 9830518250








Karim’s, the Non-Vegetarian’s Delight and Vegetarian’s HotSpot!


Karim's Jama Masjid


Karim’s is the most popular of Delhi’s restaurants as no other restaurant has ever been able to beat their ‘just too good’ food. The name itself tells the tales of tradition of taste they’ve been carrying since ages. It all started in 1913, when the Karim’s at Jama Masjid, the ‘Original’ Karim’s was set up. It is close to a market known as Darya Ganj. Those visiting Karim’s for the first time will be surprised at the location for getting there is not easy, you will need to ask locals for help.


Karim's Jama MasjidUntil the 1990s, Karim’s did not have any branches, but they have now opened branches in Nizamuddin, Kailash Colony, Noida, Gurgaon with the latest in Kamla Nagar.

Karim’s is a gastronomic delight for non-vegetarians, Vegetarians are also welcomed here but need to think many times for if they are hard-core vegans they may not be comfortable dining here even though there is a ‘Bharatiya Pattal’ (Indian Thali) specially meant for vegetarians that presents vegan’s favorite Nauratan Sabzi, Aaloo Paneer Matar, Paneer Saag, Fried Daal, Malai Kofta, Shahi Paneer and Raita all stricly vegetarian and just toooo good to resist!




Cooking Kebabs @Karim's


For starters, you can have Mutton Burra (soft pieces of mutton cooked in an oven). You could also try Mutton Raan (part of the thigh), one serve of which will be sufficient for four to five people. At the same time, you can chose to have a wide range of Kebabs, for which Karim’s is actually famous. The range includes Seekh Kebabs, Shammi Kebabs and Mutton Tikka. For chicken lovers Chicken Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Chicken or Chicken Tikka are the best.






Karim's Food


Karim's FoodFor the main course, the best will be Mutton Korma, Mutton Stew and Badam Pasanda (boneless mutton cooked with yoghurt, almonds and spices). You will fall in love with all of them!

Again for chicken lovers, Chicken Noor Jehan and Chicken Jahangiri can be the best choice.

Karim’s offers lots and lots more apart from these, which are just the specialities and are meant for strong recommendations!


As for the bread, try the Khamiri Roti (prepared with wheat flour and yeast). Thick and slightly sweet, it is an interesting deviation from the traditional tandoori roti. Alternately, order the Keema Parantha (parantha stuffed with minced mutton). Karim’s also offers roomali rotis, butter nans and paranthas.

Karim's Sheermal



You can try all of them but the food at Karim’s is just nothing without ‘Sheermal’, also known as ‘Bakarkhani’, soft, thick, sweetened breads made of milk and dry fruits. You will be mesmerized as every bite dipped in curries will melt away in your mouth….ummmmm…..too good to be described in words!





Karim's Keer Benazeer

Kareem's Shahi Tukda


While gorging on this food, you should keep in mind to save space in your stomach for desserts as Karim’s masters in them as well. It serves two main desserts that are out of this world, Kheer Benazir and Shahi Tukda, both of which are too good to order just once, provided your stomach allows you so.







The service at every Karim’s restaurant is quick and up to the mark. Even though huge crowds keep jamming in, they are never short of food and service and manage things very professionally. You can enjoy a superb deal of meal at prices worthy enough. The original Karim’s still looks like a street area with many halls where you can dine-in comfortably.


To experience all this, pick a complete day of your choice from the week and reach upto: Karim’s Restaurant

Jama Masjid

Gali Kababian

Old Delhi — 110 006

Phones: (91-011) 23269880, 23264981