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About Dos and Donts


» Deposit all litter at predetermined collection points.


» Wear dull-colored clothes while visiting the forest.


» Report your positive or negative observations to the authorities


» Respect local traditions, customs and religions


» Plant trees where possible


» Reduce the use of paper


» Use water sparingly


» Do seek permission when photographing local people in their homes


» Wear appropriate clothing. Keep body parts covered from dust, insects and strong sun


» Use toilets at authorized places only


» Observe all the rules and regulations as laid down by the park authorities


» Employ authorized guides only


» Let Nature have the right of way every time


» Do not smoke in the forests.


» Do not make noises/talk loudly inside a forest


» Do not walk into the forest by yourself.


» Do not encourage begging.


» Do not collect plants or pluck flowers.


» Do not touch anything in the forest if you can avoid it.


» Do not dispose off garbage or pour detergent in the river.


» Do not use flash guns when photographing animals.


» Do not use polythene bags.


» Do not carry food with strong aroma into the forest.


» Do not play radios inside the forest.


» Do not carry fire arms into the forest.


» Do not make campfires.


» Do not feed animals and birds in the forest.