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5 Star Hotels

Manu Maharani Resort: The Resort is a lovely resort, spread over an area of 8 acres in Corbett. The resort is fully equipped with all the facilities to keep the guests at ease. River Kosi flows near to this resort and lends a tranquil feel to its surroundings.



4 Star Hotels


Camp Riverwild: Camp Riverwild is a unique jungle retreat situated near river Kosi. It offers accommodation in the form of cottages that are equipped with all modern facilities. Its proximity to the National Park makes it an ideal place for nature lovers.


Infinity Resorts: It is a lovely resort located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The resort boasts of a typical jungle ambience, together with the huge wooden rafters in a dome-shaped split level. Its elegant decor, furniture, and artifacts give a quick insight into the jungle life.


The Corbett Hideaway: Corbett Hideaway is sprawled in an area of 13 acres, where thick mango groves and flower shrubbery mark the site. In the exotic wilderness, this resort is certainly a hideaway for the tired city dwellers. It provides all the best possible facilities and services to its guests.


Wood Castle Spa & Resort: Wood Castle Resort is situated in the heart of Corbett County. The resort is spread over 8 acres of lush green grassland, near River Kosi. It offers the best facilities and services to its guests to make their stay, absolutely unforgettable one.



3 Star Hotels


Ashoka’s Tiger Trail Resort: Ashoka’s Tiger Trail Resort is located on the southern periphery of the national park in the village called Dhela. Spread over 4 acres in deep woods, this class resort provides excellent amenities and services in the backwoods.


Camp Forktail Creek: Named after Forktails that visit the reserve in winter months, Camp Forktail Creek is ones of the finest resorts located in the famous Corbett National Park. The resort is surrounded by dense Sal forest on the northeastern periphery of the Reserve.


Corbett River Side Resort: Spread in 21 acres of land, the River Side Resort is located on the edge of Corbett National Park. This spectacular resort is appears all the more pleasant due to the presence of sparkling Kosi River nearby. The resort has all the facilities to offer a comfortable vacation to travelers.


Corbett River View Retreat: Corbett River View Retreat is a pleasant resort spread over an area of 8 acres, on the fringes of the Corbett Park. The resort is ingeniously designed to offer all the comforts to its guests. Its agreeable ambience rightly corresponds with the private sit-outs and garden.


Corbett Roop Resort: Corbett Roop Resort is a lovely resort, located about 2kms from the main entrance of Corbett National Park. The resort sprawls in 8 acres of lush green gardens, encircled by River Kosi and Nainital Hills. It offers plethora of services and facilities to keep guests at ease.


Corbett Suman Grand: Sited on the periphery of Corbett National Park, Corbett Suman Grand is a newly-constructed resort quite close to Kosi River. The resort has elegantly designed interiors and boasts of a pleasing ambience.


Corbett Treff Hotel: In the foothills of the Himalayas, Corbett Treff Hotel is a paradise for city residents to untangle their nerves. The hotel is situated amidst lush greenery on the eastern borders of Corbett National Park. It has all the facilities to offer, on top of cozy accommodation.


Corbett Wilds Resort: Corbett Wilds, formerly called Corbett Camp, is located on the fringes of Corbett National Park. It was originally made to promote eco-tourism in India. The camps are spread over 12 acres of lush greenery, on the banks of river Kosi.


Jungle Brook Camp Resort: Jungle Brook Camp Resort is located in the Elephant Sanctuary, near to the Corbett Park. Its strategic location between backdrop of hills on one side and a river bed on the other makes it even more enticing to the travelers.


Solluna Resort: Solluna Resort is nestled within the protected reserve forest of the Corbett Park. The resort spreads over 25 acres of land, very close to the banks of Ramganga River. It offers a nice retreat to the people, who come here to untangle their nerves and unwind themselves.


The Wild Crest: The Wild Crest is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas on the edge of the famous Corbett National Park. The resort has a wonderful ambience, good enough to suit the tastes of discerning travelers.


Tiger Camp: Tiger Camp is located on the periphery of Corbett National Park, bounded by thick jungles. This resort offers comfortable accommodation to all the nature enthusiasts and travelers. It also provides all the amenities and services to guests, while ensuring that they enjoy their stay.




WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga Resort: WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga Resort, due to its prime location within the Corbett Park, is one of the most sought-after resorts in the region. Spread over 20 acres of land, it perhaps offers the most luxurious accommodation in and around Corbett.


Corbett Countyy Resort: On the southern periphery of Corbett National Park lies the beautiful resort, Corbett Countyy Resort. Be it bonfire, bar-be-que, indoor games or delectable dishes, the resort has all the arrangements to keep you alive in the wilderness. It offers cozy accommodation on top of all other facilities.


Corbett Jungle Resort: Sprawled over 13 acres of reserve forest land, Corbett Jungle Resort is encircled by thick Sal forest hills and Kosi River on three sides. Formerly, the region used to be the camping and hunting ground of the British. It is also known for being the first resort in Corbett.


Corbett’s Call of the Wild: Corbett’s Call of the Wild is a perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday, amidst the wilderness. This lodge is to be found in Betalghat region of Uttarakhand. It is set on the periphery of the Corbett, on the serene banks of River Kosi.


Country Inn Tree Tops: Country Inn Tree Tops is located in the reserve forest of Corbett National Park. This jungle resort is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing holiday, amidst nature’s bounty. It is spread over 3 acres of land, rich in flora and fauna. The resort has all kinds of facilities to keep its guests at ease.


Jim’s Jungle Retreat: Jim’s Jungle Retreat is to be found along the south-east border of Corbett Tiger Reserve. The resort is spread in an area of 10 acres. Since it is managed by naturalists, a special attention has been given to create a rustic ambience while not compromising on the facilities.


La Perle Resort: La Perle Resort is encircled by lush green lawns, and is located very close to the Corbett National Park. The resort has an enchanting ambience; it provides luxurious accommodation at decent rates. It is an ideal place to enjoy the wilderness, on the banks of river Kosi.


Vanghat River Lodge: Vanghat River Lodge is located on the border of the reserve forests of Corbett Park. The lodge boasts of a nice ambience, truly matching the taste of sophisticated clientele. It is dotted with all the facilities on top of comfortable accommodation to make every stay, a memorable one.