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About Restaurants in Munnar


If you really are fond of fish-based cuisines and wish to enjoy the perfect one, Kerala definitely is the place to be in for it is quite famous for the same. The cuisine is served in most of the Munnar restaurants, the presentation and taste may vary though.


Some of the popular restaurants in Munnar are as follows:



Bamboo Hut: Wide range of food is available here at reasonable prices. Usually, western music is played here.



Saravana Bhavan: The restaurant is right in the heart of Munnar and is quite inexpensive place to eat-in. The service is quick and the food is absolutely delicious. The only concern here may be that you might have to share your table with others, because of rush. The restaurant serves South Indian dishes on banana leaves.



Silverspoon Restaurant: This restaurant is in Munnarinn, Main Bazaar (Right beside the bus station). It serves breakfast until 11am. the breakfast is a great value buffet serve of cornflakes, toast, omelet plus Indian breakfast food for Rs.95.



TreeTop Restaurant: This is a multi-cuisine vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant with a seating capacity of 70 people.



CampNoel: This is a multi-cuisine restaurant.



Patel Gujarati Restraunt: The restaurant serves Gujarati and Marwari meals at reasonable rates.



Purohit Restaurant: The restaurant serves a huge range of Indian cuisines ranging from Bombay, Jain, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi and South Indian food.



Mahaveer Veg Restaurant: The restaurant provides authentic North-Indian food with style ranging from Gujarati to Punjabi. You can have these cuisines with rotis here.



Kaivalyam Retreat: This is a 100% pure vegetarian restaurant that serves organic and healthy yogic food. As it is a yoga retreat more emphasis is given to food quality and hygiene. It serves North Indian, South Indian and a few continental dishes. Their desserts are good.